Our services

1. Sales improvement


This package "Sales improvement" goes as outsourcing.

49.990 P / month is a fixed fee for our work.
All commercial services that we are using during our work are for their prime costs
(we create new accounts for better transparency between us).

Guarantee: we will improve your sales or refund!

Improve your sales!

"Sales improvement" package consists of

  • Analytics and measurement systems implementation
    • Google.Analytics + Yandex.Metrics
    • Call-tracking
    • CRM
  • Conversion optimization
    • Usability-audit
    • Structure, navigation and user experience analysis
    • Errors / recommendations list compilation
    • Forms and Call-to-Action elements improvements
    • A/B- and MVT-testing
  • Content-marketing
    • Catching texts
    • Pictures and illustrations
    • Reviews
    • Video
    • Interactive elements
  • PPC
    • Semantic kernel retrieving
    • Advertising copywriting
    • Remarketing
    • CPC optimization
  • SEO
    • SEO-audit
    • Content-marketing
  • RTB, CPA and other advertising types
    • Start
    • Analytics
    • Scaling

We can provide any of included services separately of course.

It's time to improve your sales now!

2. Image / reputation management


Price for our services depends on used media types and total number of people from your target group that you want to gain by the campaign.

Price usually starts from 150.000 P for the campaign.

Improve your reputation!

We provide several packages that can improve reputation and image.

The common scheme of our work is:

  • Goals recognition
  • Strategy development
    • Media types composition
    • Budget approval
  • Ad materials development
    • News hook
    • Creative works (video, promo, images)
  • Publication
    • Measurements before campaign start
    • Websites/blogs/groups/channels selection
    • Contact with owners
    • Help during publication
    • Publication control
    • Discussions participation
    • Measurements after campaign accomplishment
    • Report

We use following media types:

  • Online mass media
  • Blogs (livejournal.com mainly)
  • Facebook and Vkontakte groups
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Any of media types can be used separately.

It's a good time to manage your reputation now!

Let’s discuss your goals

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